Sunday 11 February 2024

Free, high quality e-books of Charles Williams and CS Lewis - downloadable from

I have recently discovered the excellent Fadedpage web site; which is done by volunteers, and provides free, high quality, downloadable e-books from a variety of authors in the public domain of Canada (which, sensibly, has 50 year copyright laws). 

I stumbled across it in search of Biggles books; but have since discovered a remarkably rich seam of Charles Williams's works (some them very difficult, or expensive, to get in hard copy); plus a large number of CS Lewis texts - also including some rarities! 

Even if you already have these books on paper, Fadedpage could provide handy portable versions to take on holiday or journeys.   


Anonymous said...

And searchable, when checking for memorable expressions, and such like!

David Llewellyn Dodds

Bruce Charlton said...

@David - Yes, searchability is one genuinely useful way in which e-books score over paper. e.g. You might already know I am a keen reader of Philip K Dick's Exegesis; and I have found it useful to have paper, e-book and audible versions - to get their various advantages.

Of course, the same applies to Tolkien! - although I use some online text versions for the search function. e.g. for the Notion Club Papers

mobius said...

Awesome, thank you.