Saturday 29 March 2014

My attempt at a group portrait of the Inklings


A few months ago, I asked why there was no group portrait of the Inklings - and hoped that somebody would soon have a try at one

Still not response - so today I sat down and had a try myself.

Unfortunately I cannot draw - nonetheless here it is:

The First Ever Group Portrait of the Inklings:

For Heaven's sake - it shouldn't be difficult to do better than that!

So please, someone, do it!


Note: What I was attempting is Tolkien vigorously making a point to Jack who is rather smugly avuncular; Warnie looking at his brother with deep affection, 'Humphrey' Havard  apparently dozing (like his alter ego Dolbear in the Notion Club Papers) - and Charles Williams looking partly louche - partly saintly (eyes directed Heavenward).



Rich said...

Ok, Bruce. After this attempt I'll have to do it.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Alex- I do hope you weren't *too* shocked - I just had to demonstrate I was serious about this! Glad you have taken up the gauntlet...

Rich said...

Hahah no, no, Bruce. Not shocked at all. Happy to see just how serious you are about the project. I am having trouble finding photographs of Havard online. Any ideas?

Bruce Charlton said...

@Alex -

Havard is third from the left and sitting next to CS Lewis - white hair swept upwards and glasses.

Rich said...

Ah, thanks very much!