Thursday 2 June 2011

The Question of Pengolod - Superb Numenorean Fanfiction


I have no idea whether The Question of Pengolod by the pseudonymous Tyellas is well known among Tolkien fans - but if not it should be:

This is a really good novel (I have read it twice, slowly and with relish) - constantly interesting, frequently deep - and set in Numenor at the time when explorations of Middle Earth were just beginning.

The novel is written so as to fit seamlessly and correctly into the Tolkien Legendarium.

It is almost like finding a lost work by the man himself.

There is a particularly beautiful and moving section concerning the midsummer ritual of Erulaitalë on the mountain Meneltarma. This scene had a significant impact on me, and my perspective on life.


The web site also contains some really excellent essays, such as this:


However, as the author clearly and politely labels - so that it can be avoided by those who wish to avoid it - the web site also contains a fair bit of 'slash' fiction, if you know what that is. This kind of thing will (ahem) not appeal to everyone - to put it mildly. 


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