Wednesday, 5 January 2011

A superhero Fellowship of the Ring


In an idle moment I found myself speculating about who would have made up The Fellowship of the Ring, if the members had been chosen on the basis of their 'power' (instead of being representative of the different races and types in Middle Earth, and by Elrond and Galndalf's intuitions.).

This is the list I came up with:

1. Gandalf (Leader of resistance to Sauron. Elvish ringbearer, Maia.)
2. Elrond (Leader of the free peoples of Middle Earth, very old yet with undiminished powers, prophet, greatest healer, Elvish ringbearer, great warrior)
3. Galadriel (Main elvish leader, elvish ringbearer, tremendous powers of foresight and mind-reading, great warrior).
4. Arwen (as a sort-of reincarnation of Luthien, who recovered a Silamril, would be expected to have great powers of enchantment).
5. Glorfindel (clearly an elf of tremendous strength with power to intimidate the Nazgul)
6. Aragorn (the greatest of men - and most of the greatest Middle Earth heroes have been men; hunter, tracker, warrior. A Man is needed in the Fellowship; since men, and hobbits, have an existential freedom of will denied to elves and Gods who are a part of the earth).
7. Sam Gamgee (as bearer of the One ring; since Sam is the person in middle earth with - apparently - the greatest resistance to the power of the Ring (possibly excepting Bilbo - who is too old to participate.)


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